Posted: 4/7/2010

Temperatures are rising and spring bulbs are inching forward. We find it hard to believe ski season has come to an end at Whitefish Mountain Resort. At Good Medicine Lodge, we are doing our spring cleaning which includes some between season refurbishing inside as well as out. Our staff is poised and ready to attack every nook and cranny to make ready for a new season. The garden is calling for attention and we are eager to comply. The blanket of snow that has warmed and protected the herb garden has melted into the soil and tiny green sprigs are reaching out with promises of flavors and scents to come.

It is always bittersweet to bid farewell to a season in Whitefish. We hate to let go but we know from experience that there is so much ahead in the changeover. This year especially so with the well planned and anticipated Centennial Celebration in Glacier National Park. Be sure to check the upcoming events on their site:

We are working on our Good Medicine Lodge Fans Page on Facebook and we will look forward to chatting with you there as well as on our Blog. From time to time there will be FAN specials posted and in late April we will be posting the rules and dates for our second annual Photo Contest, themed this year in celebration of the Centennial of Glacier National Park.  Meanwhile, in an effort to build our fan base and support our neighbor, Glacier National Park, we will make a $75 donation to the Glacier National Park Fund when we reach 75 fans on our Good Medicine Lodge Facebook Page.

Check our Specials page at for May discounts and give us a call when you make your plans to visit Whitefish.


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