Posted: 6/21/2010

We have a new gadget at Good Medicine Lodge: a brand new, sleek Nespresso Citiz with Milk. What fun! We have been taste testing in the kitchen and it will go into service on the Guest Bar for afternoon and evening enjoyment beginning tomorrow.

P.S. As of July 17, we can report that the Nespresso machine has been a hit!

Happy beginning of summer!  Our guests have been hitting the trails in glacier National Park and we all eagerly await opening day for the 52 mile ride on Going to the Sun Road. Hikers and bikers can cover much of the distance and cars are now able to access up to the Loop on the west side. Any day now, the entire length will be available - hard to believe there is still much snow to plow and clear. Check the GNP sit for thrilling photos of snow clearing on this national treasure.

P.S. Going to the Sun Road has been fully open since June 24. The Centennial Year has generated a lot of interest. Today Whitefish celebrated the grand opening of several miles of new trails that will continue to expand into the future.

Our Gourmet Picnic lunches are a real hit. Give us 24 hours notice and we'll be happy to prepare a delightful luch for you.

We'll be hiking some trails with our children and grandchildren over the next couple of weeks. It is always a special treat to have family visit.

P.S. The grandkids, their parents, and one aunt and uncle have come and gone. We enjoyed some hiking, boating, meals, alpine slide, horseback riding and lots of laughs with them. Joe and Rachel will stop here again at the end of the month to pick up the Good Medicine Lodge summer mascot, Marley, who will be returning with them to Fairbanks. Our guests have enjoyed Marley's company for the past 2 months as much as we have enjoyed having him with us.

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