Posted: 5/6/2009


         A spark, a glint,

            a glimpse

            of pixie tidbit.

         Bright flits, brisk zips,

             a green-gray blur,

             wings, zings, and whirr-

          I just heard            

             a hummin of bird.                                                                                              

from Hummingbird Nest, A Journal of Poems by Kristine O'Connell George                                                                       photo by Bill Schmoker

We spotted our first Rufous on May 3rd.  We were ready, having put the feeders up on April 29th.  We were ready in other ways as well. The return of the hummingbirds is a promise kept and a sign for us to pick up the pace...there are projects to be done and we know the season can be too short.  The Rufous works hard to get to us in Northwestern Montana, having the longest migration of the Hummingbirds. We welcome them back and hope they enjoy their stay at Good Medicine Lodge!

#1. Shelley Aultman - Posted: 5/10/2009 06:24:11 AM
Hello! Enjoyed your note about the hummingbird's return! We are so pleased to have ours return here in Havana. Looking forward to seeing y'all next month! Take care. Shelley
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