Posted: 6/1/2009

New World Recycling’s Corey Cullen has come up with the best justification for fried food since Guy Fieri started traveling the country in search of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Cullen is converting the New World Recycling truck to biodiesel. He will pick up leftover vegetable oil from local restaurants and filter it for use as fuel for his truck. He already makes over 300 recycling pickups a month at homes and businesses in the Flathead Valley. Many of those same businesses will be able to supply him with the fuel he needs to make his rounds.


We don’t have city-recycling pickup in Whitefish; however, there are public drop off points and we were using one for our recycling needs for years. Woody was driving a full jeep to recycling once or twice a week. Last year we decided we could eliminate a vehicle, save on registration, insurance and gas and support another local entrepreneur. With the elimination of the jeep, we dedicated one garage bay to storage and recycling. Once a week, Corey pulls up with his New World Recycling truck and transfers our cardboard, newspapers, magazines, glass, junk mail, aluminum and plastic from our sorted bins to his truck. One day soon, he’ll bring some of that glass back to Good Medicine Lodge after he has put it through his glass pulverizer and we will turn it into two beautiful vanity tops for bathroom remodeling projects. In the future, you will see those completed projects on our website at


When you are in Whitefish you may see Corey trucking around town powered by the oil from last night’s dinner or parked at the Downtown Farmer’s Market collecting glass and chatting up anything green. For more information on this amazing green giant, go to

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