Posted: 12/23/2009

We are wrapping up our eighth year as proprietors of Good Medicine Lodge and to sum up our experience, it has been the run of our lives. How many guests have crossed our threshold? How many breakfasts have we served? How many cookies have we baked? We weren't counting; however, how many days have we smiled and congratulated ourselves for the choice we made to come to Whitefish, Montana where we have the privilege of greeting our guests, getting to know them and welcoming the return of many?...2,875!

Whitefish, Montana is a playground for winter sport's lovers and a perfect getaway for some R&R. There is a myriad of activity in this winter wonderland: Alpine and Nordic ski venues, Snowshoeing, Snowmobiling, Dog Sledding and Skijoring. Winter can be a wonderful time to visit Glacier National Park. Going to the Sun Road is gated off for car traffic but open for skiing, snowshoeing and hiking. The park will be celebrating its Centennial year throughout 2010. A fact worth noting: if all of the approximately 2 million annual visitors to Glacier National Park were to attend on the same day, they could each have at least one half acre to enjoy in solitude.

We look forward to welcoming you at Good Medicine Lodge in 2010 and we want to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year!


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